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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hello Kitty A Satanic Cult....... I don't believe it

Today I found some really crazy, weird, and unbelievable info about Hello Kitty. It came about my daughter wanted to know about the true meaning of Halloween. I had to do my little research online, so when I type in the real meaning of Halloween on Google search the real meaning of Hello Kitty pop up also in the search box. After I discussed with her the real meaning of Halloween, I went back to search the real meaning of Hello Kitty, which I was curious. I already knew Hello Kitty was a Japanese cartoon that started back in 1974, in London. The real meaning of Hello Kitty came up on this Forum called Hello Kitty-Satanic Jap Hate-Cult exposed.

People on this forum, goes on to say......... Hello Kitty is a dangerous cult and your child is being brainwashed into a sinister and depraved way of life. If not caught in time your child will start showing violent nature, disregard for authority, hate for their parents, and disrespect for teachers and authorities. Your child will lash out at you, start shouting profanity in the streets, and try to attack random people walking by. If your child gets involved in the Hello Kitty cult and Yes it gets more ridiculous than this I said to myself....Your child may purchased a Hello Kitty doll, which they will worship as false idol. They will take this doll into a sort of shrine in their bedroom and offer it blood, sacrificed pets and human hair. If you see any Hello Kitty materials in their bedroom you must burn them immediately. They believe Hello Kitty is some sort of Japanese witchcraft and could be considered as the mark of the beast. Here are some pictures they had on their forum: showing a very evil demonic looking satan worshipping Hello Kitty.

Alright I had enough of this nonsense, but anything is possible especially in this evil world we live in. I happen to loved Hello Kitty myself and my daughter. She has Hello Kitty items and hasn't been acting crazy or any of these things I mention before. I don't know what to make of all of this, but I'm going to trust my gut instinct and believed it all a bunch of rubbish. Well let me know what you guys think.

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