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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can You Relieve Heartburn Using Mustard?

I'm a living witness, yes you can relieve heartburn using mustard. I remember as a child, my mother used to get heartburn and she will break out that mustard and teaspoon. She will take several teaspoons of mustard and her heartburn will stop. When I became an adult I started doing the same thing and it actually work. Not too long ago I had heartburn, after I drank one too many flavored bottle water or whatever caused my heartburn. I immediately break out the mustard and teaspoon, I usually take one teaspoon depending on the severity of the heartburn, but if one teaspoon doesn't work I would take several teaspoons. I also have tried apple cider vinegar and it works good also. The acid in the apple cider vinegar seems like it makes the heartburn worst but, it actually relieves my heartburn. There are other home remedies like baking soda, but these are the only two I have tried.

Hello Kitty A Satanic Cult....... I don't believe it

Today I found some really crazy, weird, and unbelievable info about Hello Kitty. It came about my daughter wanted to know about the true meaning of Halloween. I had to do my little research online, so when I type in the real meaning of Halloween on Google search the real meaning of Hello Kitty pop up also in the search box. After I discussed with her the real meaning of Halloween, I went back to search the real meaning of Hello Kitty, which I was curious. I already knew Hello Kitty was a Japanese cartoon that started back in 1974, in London. The real meaning of Hello Kitty came up on this Forum called Hello Kitty-Satanic Jap Hate-Cult exposed.

People on this forum, goes on to say......... Hello Kitty is a dangerous cult and your child is being brainwashed into a sinister and depraved way of life. If not caught in time your child will start showing violent nature, disregard for authority, hate for their parents, and disrespect for teachers and authorities. Your child will lash out at you, start shouting profanity in the streets, and try to attack random people walking by. If your child gets involved in the Hello Kitty cult and Yes it gets more ridiculous than this I said to myself....Your child may purchased a Hello Kitty doll, which they will worship as false idol. They will take this doll into a sort of shrine in their bedroom and offer it blood, sacrificed pets and human hair. If you see any Hello Kitty materials in their bedroom you must burn them immediately. They believe Hello Kitty is some sort of Japanese witchcraft and could be considered as the mark of the beast. Here are some pictures they had on their forum: showing a very evil demonic looking satan worshipping Hello Kitty.

Alright I had enough of this nonsense, but anything is possible especially in this evil world we live in. I happen to loved Hello Kitty myself and my daughter. She has Hello Kitty items and hasn't been acting crazy or any of these things I mention before. I don't know what to make of all of this, but I'm going to trust my gut instinct and believed it all a bunch of rubbish. Well let me know what you guys think.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Choosing the ZTE Warp from Boost Mobile was a great choice for me

Well I had my new phone the Zte Warp for about a week now.  I 
love my phone, I was so excited when I first got it. I wouldn't say it's a whole lot better than my old phone, which was the Samsung Galaxy Precedent from Straight Talk. I still missed my samsung galaxy precedent, I had that phone for almost a year. It was kept in excellent condition.

It wasn't a easy choice to give up my old phone carrier. I had to weigh out the pros and cons and what was really important to me. I mean I love Straight Talk and it's $45 monthly unlimited everything plan, even though Straight Talk has the bring your own phone option where you can keep your own phone and just buy their sim card, but for the most part it has to be a T-Mobile or AT&T phone.

I was going to purchase an AT&T phone to use with Straight Talk, but the phone I wanted in excellent condition was going to cost me over $250.00 easy and I just didn't want to spend that much on a phone right now. I did my research on Ebay and Amazon all of it, sure they have AT&T phones for $150 or cheaper but these phones has a lot of scratches, nicks dents and wear and tear. If I going to buy a used phone I rather have it in excellent condition.

The phone I wanted was a Samsung Infuse, HTC Inspire, and LG Thrill these the AT&T phones I had my eyes on, but couldn't bring myself to pay over $ 250.00 and over for a barely used or excellent condition phone. So I went to look at other phone carriers like Boost Mobile, and they had the ZTE Warp brand new for $179 I said Wow that's  now bad at all. I'm a bargain shopper and Ebay junkie so I just don't accept retail prices. So I did my research on Ebay and Amazon, Ebay has all kinds of ZTE Warp for $ 92.95, $79.00 and $ 80.00 and so forth.

I stumbled on a refurbished ZTE Warp phone a grade A stock item no wear and tear no scratches in excellent condition, by this seller called Bidallies. I said this is far the best deal for me. I like to personally buy from Company sellers on Ebay rather than an a single seller, because a company seller off of Ebay will usually give you a warranty and issued a refund if you have problems.

I also look at other ZTE Warps from other sellers, which graded their phone to be a B average with minor scratches, and blemishes. So I made my decision to purchase my phone from this seller called Bidallies on Ebay, but the thing is I really didn't want to switch phone companies. I didn't want to be with on AT&T network with Straight Talk, because I remembered getting crappy service with my Samsung 528G  phone I had with Straight Talk which ran off of AT&T network.

When I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Precedent from Straight Talk, It worked off of Sprint network service which was great. I really wanted a new phone because I was tired of the Samsung Galaxy Precedent tiny 3.2 inch screen and 161MB of internal memory. I couldn't download a lot of apps I wanted because of the low memory. I had to weigh my options the ZTE Warp with the 4.3 inch screen, 2.5GB of internal memory, and 5MP camera with LED Flash was a deal breaker for me.

Yeah I have to pay $10.00 more a month if I decide to go with Boost Mobile, so I switch  over to Boost Mobile for their $55.00 monthly android plan vs Straight Talk $45.00 monthly plan. I said I really wanted this phone and it runs off of Sprint network which was great for me. So I purchase the ZTE Warp from Boost Mobile off of Ebay which was only $92.95, might as well say brand new because the phone arrived in excellent condition no wear and tear on the phone at all except for one tiny micro scratch on the phone that you can barely see. I couldn't be happier I got a great phone with great service and still got to keep my same number.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Being single and waiting on the right man

Being single can be hard and lonely sometimes; the single life has it's pros and cons. I am single mother of two, and over the years I had to learned I'm never settling for less. Sometimes we single women settle for less than what we really want in order to have a man. The world places so much value and demand in being in a relationship and getting married that we women often devalues ourselves.

We women need to demand more for ourselves. If a guy doesn't want to commit you have two choices; kick him to the curb or be unhappy and settle for what he wants.  You can find out easily if a guy is in it for the long haul or just wants to hook up for sex. Make him wait until you know for sure you are in a committed relationship. A guy is not going to continue to date you if you not putting out; but of course there are men who are exception to this rule. Meaning some guys will go through desperate measures to try to get the poontang.

Only time will tell what he's all about You just have to be patient.
Eventually if you hold out it will be worth it; because sex will blind you and cloud your judgement and you can't and don't want to see the guy for what he really is

You will be surprise a guy will respect and appreciate you if you made him earned your respect; and not rush into bed with him. If a guy ditches you just because you not putting out fast enough he just did you a favor now you know where he's stand; that's how you weed out the good from the bad guys. If you would have rush into bed with him he probably just going to vanish; or keep you around until he wants you again but he would never commit to you.

If you feeling down and frustrated about being single just remember everyone in a relationship or married is not happy. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Its takes a lot of work for a relationship to work. You are worth having someone  who's going to cherish and love you for you. Remember to hold your head up high, and not settle for anything but the best, because you're worth it.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dealing with Everyday Frustrations

Everyone deals with frustrations that's all part of life. When life knocks you down remember you can get back up again. Many times we try to do too many things at once. We often try to impress and compete with people in our lives. Whenever you feel defeated or things are not going as you plan; relax and take a deep breath.

Everyday that you wake up their is hope for today. You are here for a reason. Don't worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will take care of itself. The world wasn't created all in one day. Reading self help books and; talking with positive friends and family members is always helpful.

Its always good to deal with people; who is on the same page is you. Stay away from negative friends, family members, etc who would love to see nothing more than to see you fail; or project their miseries and insecurities into your life. If you are religious person or whatever faith you belong to praying is good.

There is nothing wrong with talking about your frustrations, and problems with someone who has your best interest. Sometimes we try to be too strong for too long and eventually you will break. Even if you have to set one goal at a time; you can slowly moving toward accomplishing your goals. Don't ever feel like a failure. We all have to crawl before we walk.